Friday, 18 June 2010

Phone it in Friday: Who else wishes Deathly Hallows was a summer movie?

Dearest internets, tell us what movies we should go see this summer. Aaaaaand GO!


me said...

I want to see GrownUps.. to laugh! I want to see the 80's dudes kick butt again, together!
This weekend is Toy Story and Jonah Hex :)

Also I'm ready for my Will Smith to have another summer movie..

S(G) M

Ashley said...

Of course, Toy Story 3. Big duh. Recently discovered that my roommate Alison hasn't seen Toy Story 2 so I have to take care of that pretty soon.

Also want to see: The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Last Airbender, Dinner For Schmucks, The Adjustment Bureau, and The Other Guys.

The list is very small compared to other summers. This summer's movies really kind of suck.

eclectic said...

*raises hand jubilantly*


Also, I can't wait to see The Last Airbender.

Ashley said...

Oooh! And The People Vs. George Lucas.

eclectic said...

Yesterday we took the kids to see the remake of Karate Kid, and you guys, it was SO enjoyable! Now Carter, who takes karate, is all kung-fu. So cute!