Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Abigail interviewed by Heather

- If you were guaranteed an answer to any question from any person in the world, who and what would you ask?
This is a Heather question, not a Schilbo question, so I'd just give it over to her to pick.

- What is one thing that always make you laugh hysterically?
When my friends make fun of me. Or when I make fun of them.

- If you could be president of any corporation, which would you choose?
Something I've started that works and makes sense and helps people.

- What household chore do you hate the most?
I really, really hate vacuuming. And washing crusty pots and pans.

- If you were a nationality other than American, what would you choose?
Such a Heather question. SUCH a Heather question. (Her answer is GB, duh.)

- What is your best chance of becoming famous?
Best chance is knowing someone famous, but second best is starting a business.

- What is the television show you've been most embarrassingly addicted to?
The Hills because nobody understood why I loved it.

- What is your favorite time of the day?
Maybe when I first wake up in the morning. I have the whole day left to do all the awesome things I love about my life, my Google Reader is full, I have crops to harvest, and Starbucks to get. Just so.. full. The other favorite time is when my shows come at night, especially if Heather is burning the midnight oil to watch with me.

- If you could just know all of the information from any five Wackopedia entries, which ones would you choose?
I think it's only fair to exclude entries that have info that could be easily obtained elsewhere (though I would love to know all the history of the world), and focus on what Wackopedia is really good at and that is television. Especially reality television. Mmmmm. But honestly, I can narrow it down and honestly, I really just bother Kat when I need information that isn't about TV.

- What irritates you the most in a social situation?
Um, everything? Let's see, when people talk? When I'm expected to nod along and not be disagreeable? When people say WRONG THINGS and don't know what the FUCK they're talking about?

- What five words best describe you when you're drunk?
Hugs, loves, whispers, yells, and consistent. (You guys, Jennie sent us the best texts Friday night. The first was: "I could do my drunk post now ps i smell marijawanna.")

- When you play out meet-cutes in your head, what are your favorite places to meet?
You guys, my whole imagination is meet-cutes which is weird because I would never use the word "romantic" to describe myself.

- Of all the readers of the Collective, who has a quality you're most envious of? What's the quality?
Oh, Ashley's infinite ability to think and consume and think and write all together.

- If you were a teacher, what subject would you teach?
Communications or First Year Seminar which is a fancy title for "don't be an idiot at college (if you can help it)."

- What's the most beautiful word you can think of?
Sweatpants. Mmmmmm.

- What FV achievement are you most proud of?
My killer mastery efficiency including being both the first and only of my neighbors to get blackberries when it was impossible. Being the first of my neighbors to level 70 was a nice byproduct achievement of that.

- What FourSquare achievement are you most proud of?
I'm currently mayor of three Starbucks, including one that is very competitive.

- When you're watching someone else use a computer, what three things make you the most bonkers?
1) People who don't use keyboard shortcuts, especially alt-tab
2) Going to a search engine instead of using the search bar
3) IE and the various ridiculous toolbars that come along with it


Jennie said...

I did smell marijawanna! And we didn't know where it was coming from. That is the best thing about outdoor concerts. Also, Drunk Sawyer square dancing or something along to the Avett Brothers. We kept waiting for him to fall down. No luck, though.

Also. Farmville even GOES to level 70? Also also, I wish I had sweatpants on right now.

Joe G. said...

Jennie ALWAYS goes to the search engine instead of just using the search bar. She will also Google things (after going to Google.com) for which she should really know the address, like mail.google.com. Drives me nutso.

Hi, Jennie!

Jennie said...

WELL. Maybe you shouldn't be reading over my shoulder, A-HOLE.

Hi, Joe!

Jennie said...

Also! I do use the search bar so suck it.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

It's the Joe and Jenny Show!

Internet Explorer is The Devil and I can't understand why anyone still uses it instead of Firefox. Even Safari is less evil, though not by much. I judge people who still use IE. I judge them so hard.

Ashley said...

I am nothing if not a consumer. (Thank you for the compliment.)

P.S. This entry made me want to start playing FV again even though I swore I would play NEVER AGAIN. Also, I use the search bar AND go to the search engine because you don't get to see the daily Google doodles if you just use the search bar. I take screen caps of the doodles and save them in a folder on my hard drive. Someday I might need them.

Megan said...

[goes to search Alt-tab]

Heather Anne said...

I love you so much it hurts me sometimes, Abigail M. Schilling.

Also, your answer about Ashley is exactly the answer I had in mind for myself when I wrote that question in the first place. I adore her, but I envy her so much.

Hi, Ashley!

Ms Elanious said...

My favorite time of the day is that brief time after the youngest is in bed and the big kids are industriously engaged in their homework at their desks but before it's completely time for bed, and Smith pours us each a glass of wine and we flop synchronized swimming-style onto our respective couches to watch the Mariners play, I mean, lose. OK, it's my favorite time except for the whole losing thing... which... WHY MARINERS, WHY?!