Monday, 14 June 2010

Must See Summer Movies


Toy Story 3
Are you guys so excited for this?! As a perpetual sequel-lover (the more the better I say, even if it's shit) and a toy lover I'm counting down the days to next weekend. And this won't be shit because it's Pixar and that's the point of Pixar. Awesome comma not shit.

Knight and Day
What is this movie even about?! I don't know and I don't care! There's guns and fast cars and probably some sort of heisty spy plan and what do you know! that's my favorite genre.

Step Up 3D
Adam Shankman's latest dance movie? Yes, please.


Jennie said...

Awesome comma not shit

I'm pretty much going to start saying this all the time.

Heather Anne said...

I cry every time I see a Toy Story 3 trailer. If Pixar punches me in the throat again, like with Up, I might never recover.

Jennie said...

Oh man, I don't think I can do Up again. Sometimes just THINKING about Up makes me want to cry.

Ashley said...

That reminds me. I don't know where my Up DVD is. I think I might have lent it to a friend.

me said...

Hello Collective ! :) Lots to catch up on.. and Im stoked for Toy Story 3

Sarah (G)

Abigail said...

You guys, the other day people were arguing about what was better Up or Wall-E. I was like, um, Wall-E cause duh and also cause it doesn't make me suicidal.

Ms Elanious said...

Cannot wait for The Last Airbender, because a) it's the full-length movie version of Avatar, the cartoon; and b) it opens ON MY BIRTHDAY!

kat said...

i have not seen up. i didn't really like wall-e all that much. i kinda hated toy story (though not as much as cars). my heart is cold and black.