Thursday, 3 June 2010

Jennie interviewed by Kat


1. Are you a snooze button hitter? If so, on average, how many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed? Also if so, HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?

I am the worst snooze button hitter EVER. I've tried to break myself of this habit so many times. I've tried setting the alarm for the last possible minute I could get out of bed and still make it to work on time but then I'm just, you know, late because I still hit snooze. I've tried putting the clock on the other side of the room but I get out of bed, smack the snooze button, and flop back in bed without fully waking up. I probably hit snooze anywhere between 2 and 4 times. I live with myself because I have much worse habits.

2. Do you pick out your outfit for the day before you go to bed or in the morning? Why?

Sometimes. It depends on how motivated I am the night before. The same goes for packing my lunch and setting up coffee for the morning.

3. What items do you always have to have with you when you leave the house?

Phone. Wallet. Chapstick.

4. How long is your commute to work? What do you do to pass the time?

It's about thirty to forty minutes, which is about thirty to twenty minutes better than it used to be. I use this time to make important phone calls (that I can't make at work (because yeah, that's safe)) or sing Glee songs as loud as I possibly can.

5. Describe the perfect weekend.

Assuming you mean at home, and not traveling to some exotic location, I would say this past Memorial Day weekend was pretty perfect, full of sleeping in, leisurely breakfasts, cookouts, bike rides, bison burgers, and an outdoor Avett Brothers concert where the beer was plentiful, the drunks were entertaining, and the weather was perfect.

6. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I would love it if someone would pay me to sit at home in my pajamas making up utter nonsense (see: Figment, Beatrice and her time-traveling dinosaur, etc). I have yet to parlay this into a paying gig.

7. So, you're planning a wedding, right? How's that going?

Meh. I feel like I should be more stressed or working harder or something. The best part so far was getting to eat free cake. I still think eloping sounds awesome, except for the whole getting-murdered-by-our-families thing that would happen when we got back.

8. What's the one thing you are really, really hoping you get as a wedding present?

My friend's husband joked that he'd get us a Skittles game for our wedding since we had so much fun playing theirs. I'm sort of hoping he's not joking.

9. Okay, enough of the boring questions. If you had to move to a city you've never been to before, which one would you choose?

Austin, TX. Or San Diego. Um, basically anywhere it doesn't snow like ever.

10. Let's say you were stranded on The Island, and the Dharma Initiative food drop (IGNORE THE FACT THAT THEY WERE WIPED OUT IN THE PURGE/ATOM BOMB EXPLOSION AHEM) only contained one kind of food. What kind of food would you hope it would be?

Peanut butter. I could make a sandwich out of leaves or something, right?

11. What's the worst thing about being a woman?

Cramps. And certain members of the government thinking they have any business being all up in my uterus.

12. What's the best thing about being a woman?


13. If you could make out with one rock star right this second (sorry Joe!), who would it be?

Glen Hansard but he has to sing first. Does he count as a rock star? He's not very rocky.

14. What is your all-time least favorite book?

I couldn't finish The Devil Wears Prada because it was so terribly written PLUS it made me angry that the author made so much money. BUT Atonement made me want to burn down Ian McEwan's house.

15. Never mind the circumstances, but let's say you had to part with one of your limbs. The full limb, from either the shoulder or hip socket. Which one would you choose?

Left leg.

16. Are you planning on moving to Heather Anne's farm with me, or what? If so, what are you going to be in charge of?

Totally. When are we moving? I would like to be in charge of the baby elephants.

17. What's your puppy-getting time frame?

We keep talking about getting one RIGHT THE HELL NOW but it will probably wait until after the wedding/honeymoon.

18. Death or cake?

Uh, cake, please.

19. Why does running suck so hard?

Because it feels too much like exercise. That's why riding a bike is way better. It tricks me into exercising because A) it's so fun! and B) it reminds me of being a kid and C) it's so fun!

20. You have one wish to use in an entirely selfish way. What do you wish for?

A time machine*, obviously.

*clear titanium bubble included


You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Government workers, regardless of the level, should not be spending any time being all up in women's uteruses (uteri?). You'd think that would be on the list of rules given to people when they're hired by The Government. Then again, why would that have to be on any list of rules anywhere?

Jennie said...

I have no idea. I don't really understand why anyone who isn't a baby is even interested in uteruseses.

Ms Elanious said...

Agreed on the uterus thing. But aside from that, I SO heart your chapstick protocol! I can't go anywhere without blistick... so I don't. Why would anyone want dry lips with NO WAY to solve the problem??

Heather Anne said...

Our farm is going to be so peaceful. Well, except for the baby elephants.

Jennie said...

Shari, I am addicted to chapstick. My family makes fun of me because as soon as I'm done eating, I'm all, "where's my chapstick?"

h!a! I'll train them to be so quiet. And to drink whiskey.

mysterygirl! said...

OMG, I HATED the end of Atonement, too.

Heh, death or cake. :)

Jennie said...

For some reason, it didn't bother me in the movie. I think it was because James McAvoy is dreamy.