Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No! Stay back! (There's an app for that.)

AbsIt seems shallow and flawed to cite anything technology as my favorite possession, especially after Heather did her thing yesterday in an epic return to Mondays. But the topic actually isn't favorite possession, I remind myself, it's NO STAY BACK YOU CAN'T HAVE MY THING.

Drunk at the bar. British royalty says what's up.

And my thing is my phone. It's an iPhone (3GS), my I just call it my phone. As in, "Let me check on my phone" or "I hate that I can't use my phone in movies cause the screen is an effin search light" or "when my phone battery dies I feel like I'm going to die."

Rosy cheeks and Die Hard marathon. What is your Friday night?

See the iPhone can do literally anything. I have all my emails in it, so I can be wherever I want doing whatever I want and be on call for work. Being on call for work is part of my job and before my phone when I was traveling I would have to carry my laptop with me everywhere and obsessively check for wifi. Now, NOW, I can be on call without thinking about it. People argue and say that now I have to "always worry about checking my phone" but now I know that everything I ever need to know will be in my phone and I don't have to worry. Having my phone has solved nearly all of my problems.

The camera is obviously my favorite feature because it's so easy to take photo then send photo. In addition to a bajillion drunk self-portraits, I'm constantly recording stuff that I always lose: my prescription refill numbers, which key opens which lock, DVDs at Target that I need to add to my Netflix queue. Bam, photographed.


"There's an app for that" is true as well. My home page boasts what I use most often: Twitter, Facebook, Reader, Foursquare. I use Sleep Cycle to chart my REM cycles every single night. I use Maps when I'm going anywhere. Sigalert tells me traffic conditions in a way. On the next page of my apps, I can find movie times. Movie times is one of those things now that I hate looking up any other way (remember calling that phone number and entering your zip code?!) and there is no way I could track my Hundred Push Up Challenge without the app (shout out to my push up buddies!)

What? You aren't wearing a Pharoah hat tonight?

There are a million possessions I love for sentimentality, but I love this in a different way because it's an extension of myself. It is communication and it is knowledge. It's my way of connecting with the world and with my favorite people. I'm secure in that truth, so go ahead and call me shallow and flawed. I'll be over here farming on my phone.


Andrew Bailey said...

I am increasingly feeling this way about my iPad. This thing might change me more than I anticipated, I think.

Jennie said...

I did push ups last night after eating cheesecake and I almost barfed. True story.

Ashley said...

What's going on with the end of this entry? Was there more?

Abigail said...

Andrew, did you ever had an iPhone or is this your first nirvana experience?

Jennie, that sounds like the WORST idea. UGH.

Ashley, there were two more words. I have fixed it!

eclectic said...

Your phone would kill me in about a nano-second. We dinosaurs (I'm not the only one left, am I?) can't handle so much technology in one little package. That's why we make friends with people like you, and your love for Your Phone is one specific reason why I love you!

Andrew Bailey said...

I've never had an iPhone; but I got the 3G iPad, a fine substitute.