Tuesday, 17 June 2008

all about my google reader

Google Reader is an RSS reader. I feel like everyone probably already knows that, but, on the other hand, my mom reads this blog. If you want more information you can watch this awesome how to video hosted by a very earnest user.

I am addicted to my reader. Someone once described Google Reader as a refrigerator. A refrigerator that you open twenty times a day because you're bored, but the contents never change so you're crazy. Except with Reader every time you open the door, there is something new. This was supposed to be a negative description (so negative that I can't even link to the source because the blog has been deleted) on the pratfalls of the internet, but I disagree. Obvs.

Google Reader has a fantastic Big Brother option called Trends. It's like Google Web History where you're so enamored with the stats that you don't notice the way Google is stalking you. And since I have nothing else to do with these trends, how about I share them with you? I like sharing, see:

Over the last 30 days,
from your 140 subscriptions,
you read 4,734 items,
starred 37 items,
shared 25 items, and
emailed 68 items.

I have apparently emailed 68 items. SIXTY EIGHT. I would apologize to my friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, former roommates, pets, neighbors, and everyone else I have apparently emailed posts to, but I have a feeling you liked whatever I emailed you. Because who doesn't want the latest pictures of Heidi and Spencer? That's what I thought.

Sharing is caring. I don't read 4,734 posts just so I can keep them to myself. I love passing something on. For example, Trends tells me I read 285 posts from the David Cook LJ Community in the last 30 days. Yes, I do have a unreasonable crush on him. But trust me, I am not reading this community so I can get closer to him. I started reading it because they'd post his TV appearances. I've continued to read it because the crazy fans make me and Heather LOL. For example:

I wanna know the little moments in David's performances that really amaze you. Whether it's a specific line that he sings beautifully, or a facial expression, or a movement he does with his body -- just the little nuances he adds to a performance that give you the chills.

I do have quite a few, but the one that gets me the most is during his live performance of "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". It's when he's belting the "Yeah-yeah-yeaaaah!" line and he clutches the mic and extends his left arm out to the side and just
throws himself into the chorus of the song. It's a tiny little thing, but it completely makes the performance for me.


My favorite thing I've recently shared on Reader was Clueless: Where are They Now? Did you guys know that Dionne is 42?! FORTY TWO. I thought we were the same age!

I emailed this post about a toilet mug to my friend Jon because it reminded me of him (and not just because of the name). He replied and said: "We totally had this when I was a kid!" I emailed this faux screenshot of a LinkedIn friend request between two characters from two different TV shows because it's clever and because TV is real life.

I've starred this post about laser engraving your Moleskine or computer or iPod. I've starred MightyGirl's photos of a fab store in Canada. I've starred this Ikea hack to inspire me to redesign my room. I've been working my way through the USA hostel directory planning my next trips.

If you want to follow me around the internet, God help you, you can see all my Shared items here.

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