Thursday, 19 June 2008

Trash talk is all hypothetical like, your momma's so fat she could eat the internet.

JennieI tend to share a lot of the same kinds of things on Google Reader, and those things are articles from The Onion, Overheard Quotes (usually from a child of some sort) and Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. Every now and then I'll branch out into an animal review. Or a discussion about the greatest childhood books ever (if you want your child to write demented stories called The Evil Summer). OR, best of all, every LOST flash forward EVER IN ORDER. That was more helpful before the finale, but whatever.

Actually, I think best of all might be this story by Michael Ian Black's daughter.

Actually actually, I think best of all might be the SOUNDTRACK T-SHIRT. (Thanks, Vahid!)

Oh, who am I kidding? My go-to best of all link is this right here:

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