Tuesday, 3 June 2008

So are you saying that they could be stuck back there forever?


I say:
The year 2000 when some marketing team didn't realize what they had in their hands and didn't spend the appropriate amount of money on marketing a little film about dancing. As a result, the film was a box office flop and relegated to the $5 DVD section at Target. For such a phenomenally entertaining movie, Center Stage ranks only 24 in the box office genre of Dance being beaten out by movies like You Got Served and Roll Bounce(what?). In revised history, the movie would have been a smash. It'd be a cult classic for reals, not just in my head, and Cooper Nielson would star in the sequel. Maybe I'm in charge of convincing Peter Gallagher to reprise his role as Jonathan and all is right with the world.

I think:
Way too much about the implications of time travel and the heavy choices and challenges presented therein. I conjure up research from books and movies I've seen. I get frustrated when they don't work right and breathless when they do. I promise to continue to make good decisions, but I can't stop regretting the bad ones.

I wish I had a metal detector so I could comb my room for my house key. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back 10 days ago when I decided to leave my key, all alone, on my bed. I would not do that and instead put it in safe place, or at least put it on a key chain. But if I'm asking for wishes, I'm inclined to go back to 1984 when my DNA aligned in such a way that I am the kind of girl who throws a key into a sea of clothes and blankets never to be seen again.

This just in:
In my nightly internet dwelving, I discovered a IMDb profile for Center Stage 2! Talk about feeling breathless! I did a bit of research and it sounds like it's different, new students and one of them (standard) is a ballerina with a secret passion for hip hop (c'mere, boo). That seems way more lame than the first and according to one source this is a straight-to-DVD flick, BUT Cooper AND Peter Gallagher are listed as returning characters. BOTH OF THEM. MY WISHES CAME TRUE. I TOTALLY HAVE A TIME MACHINE.

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