Thursday, 27 November 2008

Remember when Ross tried to say, "Butternut squash?" and it came out, "Squatternut baush?"

This stuff:

Peanut butter


Friends, the show and the real thing

Heidi, of the Klum variety and the real thing

Joe, of "and the volcano" and the real thing

Tim Gunn (the real thing)

and then some:

mashed potatoes
turkey lurkey doo
Collective Christmas
Yes We Did
that my parents still invited me home for Thanksgiving even though I'm a pinko Commie liberal
having more books than I have time to read
having more texts from my sister than I have time to answer
having more t-shirts than I have time to wear
having more stuff TiVoed than I have time to watch
Google Reader
unseasonably warm days in November
Dwight Schrute
Barney Stinson
days off work
canceled shows on DVD
the Internets

and also:

you guys

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