Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Thankful for:


Apples, pre-sliced from Trader Joe's
Being forgiven
Christmas, the meaning of
Dinner and wine with my mom whenever I want
Equality, more or less
Food, being able to afford
Green Monster
Hope (and change)
Internet and all the wonderful people inside of it
Job security
Kickass house in a kickass neighborhood
Nonfat Peppermint Latte with Whip
Old Navy
Public transportation close to my house
Qi, the cheater word on Scrabulous
Relatives, but only the ones I like
Stimulus checks, both already spent and forthcoming
That we found each other
Understanding the world around me if only a little more each day
Vox, sigh
Water, clean
X-rays and other things my insurance covers just in cases
Yams with marshmallows
Z is the end of this list but not even close to the actual end

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