Monday, 17 August 2009


heather Today is a super special day because it is Abigail!'s birthday! So in an effort to combine this week's topic (confessions!) with the birthday festivities, I give you a list of things you'd be judging me for if Schilbo hadn't intervened.

1) Without Schilbo, I'd still be using Yahoo! mail.

2) Without Schilbo, I would never have watched:
The Office
Gilmore Girls
How I Met Your Mother
American’s Next Top Model
Gossip Girl
The O.C.

3) Without Schilbo, I would not know how to operate:

4) Without Schilbo, I would never have met my Internet boyfriend, Jacob the recapper, from TWoP.

5) Without Schilbo’s YouTube regulations, I would spend all day every day watching fanvids.

6) Without Schilbo, I would never have traveled the world.

7) Without Schilbo, I wouldn’t even be able to quote Center Stage.

Basically, without Schilbo, I’d be blogging on Xanga, searching on Bing, waiting on dial up, and paying to have photos developed from a disposable camera.

So, Happy Birthday, little Schilbo. I confess, without your tutelage, I would be a curmudgeonly old woman.

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