Friday, 7 August 2009

O.W.L. Results

Thank you all for playing along with our Collective quizzes this week. The winners are as follows:

For Heather! Anne!'s quiz: Cousin Candice with 8 correct answers! (Ashley was a close second with 7.2 correct answers, but the correct answer to the bonus question is "1/8 full-blooded Cherokee" not just "1/8 Cherokee." Anyone who chose regular "1/8 Cherokee" got 1/8 of a point.)

For Abigail's quiz: Ashley with 8 correct answers! (You're welcome for the pictures of hot guys in her post.)

For Kat's quiz: Sir with 4 correct answers! (We're still not sure what Kat's middle name is, and she's out of town so we can't find out. If that changes the results, we'll send out more prizes.)

For Jennie's quiz: Lindsay with 7 correct answers! Ashley also had 7 correct answers originally, but I had to deduct half a point because she called Keira Knightley a dipstick.

The overall winner is Ashley!

Congratulations to all winners for the privilege of knowing us. (Please send your physical addresses to

The correct quiz answers have been noted below in our individual posts.

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