Tuesday, 4 August 2009

a is for abigail

1) When was I born?

a) 1982
b) 1983
c) 1984
d) 1985

2) Which of the following men have I not loved in the last 12 months?

Answer: C





3) What is my favorite color?

a) blue
b) green
c) gray
d) white

4) Name one nickname I'm called on a regular basis.

Schilbo, Schil, Ghee, Abs, Sorry

5) Order my fears, least to greatest.

D, A, B, C

a) heights
b) rejection
c) being responsible for someone else's death
d) spiders

6) True or false: I totally wore a plaid skirt uniform in high school.

Totally True

7) Name at least four crucial ingredients in my Chipotle burrito order.

chicken, rice, corn, tomato, sour cream, cheese, guac

8) If I could be a TV character, I would be:

a) Lorelai Gilmore
b) Marshall Eriksen
c) Ross Gellar
d) Liz Lemon
e) Lauren Conrad

9) When I turn the TV on, I:

a) check to see what awesome reruns are happening on the CW
b) see what the DVR recorded for me as a present
c) go directly to the recent episodes of my latest shows and catch up chronologically
d) flip back and forth between Friends on whatever channel it's on that day, and the Food Network (mmmmmmm)

10) I'm most likely to:

a) Twitter.
b) Update my Facebook status.
c) Post pictures to my Flickr account.
d) Blog.

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