Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lizard! Am I standin' in poop?

Jennie There are a lot of things I love about TV. Um, 1. it's awesome, 2. pretty people saying clever things, 3. sometimes it makes me have feelings, which I don't normally condone, but TV gets a free pass, 4. talking about last night's episode of whatever with the internet. BUT the thing I love most is that when TV is good, really good, it can make you forget yourself, forget that you're sitting on your sofa in penguin-print pajama pants, forget that you have to get up early for work in the morning, forget that you're not on that plane-wrecked island with Kate (punch!) and Sawyer.

I feel the same way about good books and I am incapable of tearing myself away from either when I'm totally engrossed, sleep be damned. This is why I love TV on DVD (sorry, Abs)...because there's no such thing as a cliffhanger. No waiting! Not when you have the next season sitting right there! For someone as impatient as myself, this is a beautiful thing. When Joe and I were watching Lost, I kept thinking, "THIS is the way to do it! No long summertime angst over what the hell is in the hatch! No freaking six month hiatus! IT'S MAGIC!" Of course, this only works for older shows but honestly? There is so much good TV on TV that I don't have time to watch it all, and I need to play catchup months (or years!) later.

Obviously, the other beautiful thing about TV on DVD (sorry, Abs) is that you can watch it over and over and over, and in most cases this is a very, very good thing because some shows are meant to be watched over and over and over.

FOR INSTANCE, Arrested Development gets funnier with each viewing. FACT.

And as soon as I'd finished Flight of the Conchords (both seasons) and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (all seasons), my first instinct was TO WATCH THEM AGAIN because oh my god THE FUNNY I NEED THE FUNNY GIVE ME THE FUNNY.

In fact, most good comedies need to be watched over and over because you always miss something since you're laughing so hard. I mean, how could you not laugh so hard when faced with something like this:

As far as dramas go, if I run across an episode of The X-Files (Mulder seasons only), Alias, or Buffy, I have to watch it. HAVE TO. Fortunately (?), I hardly ever run across an episode of these shows on TV, so I can still live my life.

Until season 5 of Lost comes out on DVD. Then I'm booked for a couple of days.

But the absolute best thing about TV? Is that it can cause me to absolutely LOSE. MY. SHIT. like when this happened (spoilers!):

Rumors are that Chuck isn't coming back until March. MARCH! Good thing Joe has it on DVD.

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