Monday, 8 March 2010

A Few Things I'm Proud Of

Abs There are few things I'm really proud of, or at least few things I'm proud and also not ashamed of at the same time. I'm going to tell you about two of them. These just might fall into the latter category, but I got nothing else to share. My battles won are small ones.


These are my FarmVille mastery signs. I don't know if it makes a difference to you non-players what this means, but let's just say that I'm really, really good. These signs prove it.

A couple of years ago, our local cable provider decided to double rates. Actually, it was doubled, plus another $10. We weren't really on board with an increase from $45 to $100 and so after I called the company and tried to convince them to lower the rates, we canceled that plan and moved to satellite. We got a great deal with satellite except the DVR that came with it was considered a piece of crap according to the DVR forums (do you guys not go to the DVR forums? Forums are maybe the best thing about the internet).

So I emailed a few of the DVR experts from the forums to get their advice on a DVR unit that went with our satellite package. The recommended a unit that is is no longer offered by the company, but I could get used. I did a Craigslist search and found someone selling a barely used one for basically free and bought it up quick. I'm already feeling impressed with myself and I haven't even gotten to the bad ass part yet.

For various reasons involving the difference between the crappy DVR box we didn't get and the awesome one we did, we needed an additional cable running from the box to the dish. The dish is at the back of our house. The box is at the front of our house. According to my round-the-house-walk-about, the cable went under the house and then up through a drilled hole in the floor under the box.

So I called up my friend Amanda who has a drill and also some confidence and asked her to come over and help me do something bad ass. Then I put on my least favorite jeans, a huge giant sweatshirt with the hood up and my headlamp holding it in place, and got ready to go under the space under my house. I crawled in, Amanda handed me the cable and then I slithered like a SNAKE the entire length of our house. In the dirt. Under our house. When I got to the other side, she drilled the hole a bit bigger and I handed her the cable. Then I slithered AGAIN back to the opening and pulled myself through it. Then I took a shower.

When all was said and done the installation was totally and one hundred percent successful. Plus, I was just doing it so we could have a better DVR but it also ended up saving us money. Bonus! I am pretty sure that I moved to a new, giant house I could wire the satellite to all the rooms BY MYSELF.

Because I am awesome. The end.


mysterygirl! said...

OMG, you are awesome. I would never be able to do that.

Heather Anne said...

Most days I cannot even work my remote control. You are a hero.

Ashley said...

You are just like Phil Dunphy.

Except it took an entire episode for him to get under the house, so I guess you are way more bad ass than Phil Dunphy.

doahleigh said...

Gotta admit, that's pretty impressive. And I second Ashely - Phil Dunphy has nothing on you!

Jennie said...

You ARE awesome, and for way more reasons than just these two.

Did you find any treasure under your house?

Joe G. said...

This is the most badass thing I've read all day (nay, all MONTH).

Heather Anne said...

Phil Dunphy! Hahaha! What a lovable moron!

eclectic said...

Can you move up here please? Because that's the kind of badass awesome I need close to me. Thanks. I'll start looking for your new house and new job ASAP!

linster said...

Wow. You are amazing. I know what the cable guy found under my house, so my admiration is to infinity and beyond.

As a FV freak, though, I need to know what the message sign says.

me said...

H!A!; Most days I can't even FIND my remote. Oh the legs having to get up for the on/off button.

Abs; thats awesome! On both accounts, but I'm nosy; what are the other two?!

And..are the FARMVILLE letters for real? Also? Awesome!
-Sarah G :) (SG)

me said...

Oh and yes, I loved that episode by the by; oh what a great show!


Abigail said...

Thanks, guys! I am more bad ass than Phil Dunphy, but aren't we all?

Linster, the sign on my farm is from Aunt Andi congratulating me on making it to the final level, 70.