Friday, 19 March 2010

Phone it in Friday: Pet Peeves

Please to be telling us your pet peeves. We don't want to accidentally peeve you off.


peefer said...

Where is all the commenters today? Your not going to believe this, but my pet peeve is relatively unique. By now.

Anonymous said...

Loudness in the apartment above me.
Dumb boys with bad excuses.
Patients who are capable of walking and want me to do everything for them (ie tuck them in, adjust the bed, wipe their ass)
Night shift.

Anonymous said...

Loudness in the apartment above me.
Dumb boys with bad excuses.
Patients who can walk who want me to do everything for them (ie adjust the bed, tuck them in, wipe their ass)
Crying/whining babies in movie theatres, grocery stores, etc.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Oops.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Y'know those self-checkout lines in grocery stores. Whenever someone with a cart full to overflowing decides that hey, these look open, and proceeds to monopolize one of the two self-checkout thingees for 10 minutes while people holding one or two items have to wait in line. I want to whisper to the person next to me, 'You hold her down and I'll pummel.'

Jennie said...

Sir! I hate those people so much!

Ashley said...

I have lots, but the only one I can think of right now is people who make the furniture come to them instead of going to the furniture. If you are going to eat on the couch, eat on the couch. If you want a table, go to the kitchen or sit on the floor by the table. DO NOT MOVE THE TABLE. IT IS A FIXED OBJECT. I feel like people who do this are savage and uncivilized.

Kiti said...

Ooooh so many pet peeves! Just a few:
1. Stupid DSL provider that took almost 3 days to get my internet back online when it was a 15-minute fix for their technician.
2. MS Project. I understand what they were TRYING to do with this application but it ended up lousy, clunky, and only partially accomplishing what it should.
3. Getting disrespect from mechanical engineers at work. Foolish boys. If I am the senior engineer and technical lead on your project, it is a really bad idea to piss me off!