Thursday, 11 March 2010

We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.


So proud:

1. Falling Slowly

I watched Once the other night and didn't cry. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

2. Ring of Fire

We went to a karaoke bar the other night and I sang TWO SONGS, undrunk even! Because of my crippling stage fright, the only times I've ever actually participated in karaoke fun was with the help of much alcohol, so this was a big step. I sang Ring of Fire (obviously) and Ice, Ice Baby (um, OBVIOUSLY) and it was super awesome even though Joe totally stole the show when he sang Wind Beneath My Wings. Then some really drunk guys tried to sing some Godsmack and it was awkward.

3. Superfreak

I didn't freak out at the doctor earlier this week, which is also a big deal, not because the doctor gave me anything to really freak out about but because FREAKING OUT is like my natural state of being and it doesn't take much to bump it up a notch.

4. Insane in the Membrane

The other day, I was pouring some cereal and I had just opened the box and then this happened:

Me: Check this out, this box is messed up.
Joe: What's wrong with it?
Me: Well, you know how it has the little slot thingie that the tab thingie goes into?
Joe: Yes.
Me: The tab thingie wasn't cut out of the rest of the box! The tab won't go in the slot! My cereal will get stale! No, wait, I'll use a chip clip.
Joe: That's so weird, let me see.
Me: Here.
Joe: ...
Me: ...
Joe: Jennie. You opened the box upside down.
Me: Oh. Oops.
Joe: Wow. Oh my god. WOW.
Me: Should I not mention that this has happened before?

I'm not really proud of the fact that I opened a box of cereal upside down and DIDN'T NOTICE, but I am proud of how it totally ups my absent-minded-professor vibe.


Kiti said...

Cereal boxes are tricky, Jennie. And I, for one, applaud your quick thinking in being able to solve your problem by appropriate application of tools at hand (chip clip).

Jennie said...

Well, I mess stuff up a lot (since I have a hard time paying complete attention to anything) so I've gotten good at fixing my mistakes. Hee.

Joe G. said...

You really are an absent-minded professor! I hadn't put that together before. You're way less annoying than Jerry Lewis or Robin Williams, though, so that's good.

And I was so proud of you for karaoke-ing. That was way fun times.

peefer said...

Have you ever put your shorts on backwards? Just curious.

eclectic said...

Hey, cereal boxes are so covered in ADHD print these days, it's not really THAT easy to notice if they're right-side-up or upside-down. I mean, you just tune out the whole box because it's so busy anyway. I, for one, think it makes you practical.*

*It's actually Joe's fault, since he probably distracted you by being so cute that you can hardly think about what you're doing.

Jennie said...

Joe, I am relieved to know that I'm not as annoying as two of the most annoying humans on the planet.

Peefer, probably. Also, shirt, underwear, and pants. No, not pants. That would be crazy.

Shari, it IS all Joe's fault. Thanks a lot, Joe!

Joe G. said...

Remember when that guy at karaoke called me Robin Williams? What the hell was that all about? Also, sorry. I'll try to tone it down a little.