Monday, 15 March 2010

Pet Peeves

AbsGiving you a comprehensive list of my pet peeves would make you realize that I'm the terrible Mr. Darcy from the beginning of P&P rather than the Lorelai Gilmore-knows-what-she-wants I wish I could be. So, I'm limiting my list in hopes I'm the latter and not the former. Also,

Children Singing
This is never cute. I think sometimes it can be technically impressive, like those boy choirs that are famous, but I mean your kids singing in church or how it's so funny this video where this kid sings Beyonce or any commercial like the Toys R Us one with all the SINGING! This is not cute. It is annoying. It hurts my face. Take your child away please.

I fucking hate this show. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and that some people find it tolerable. But the obsession? I do not understand how I, a discerning TV-watcher, could be so out of touch with the rest of the world. Every time I go on Facebook someone is yelling about how AWESOME Glee is. The show isn't even on right now and my feed is lit up like a switchboard. "I can't wait for it to come back!" "I wish the tour was coming to Indy!" "Sometimes, I find myself wondering what the characters are doing, like right now." People, this show, this something-is-seriously-wrong with it show, is not worth your wondering. Yes, the songs are fun (partially because they're sung by adults and not BABIES) and yes, we all love a good wheelchair dancing storyline (dancing babies = also not cute, not even the ones on SYTYCD) but UGH. The writing is terrible. The characters are all lame, annoying, lame and annoying, immature, one dimensional, or just plain stupid. GAH! Gossip Girl has better story lines, love triangles, and high school drama and it's on The CW! All this to say, please shut up about Glee. Talk about LOST instead. That's a show I don't watch, but understand to be great and necessary to talk about and think about all the time. Write your Facebook statuses about that.

I'm going to stop there, because if I get into what happened at McDonald's today (hint: I was told the Shamrock Shake promotion was over even though, OH YEAH, St. Patrick's Day is three days away) I won't be able to concentrate on work today. Instead, let's look at this cute picture of me and Maddie and think happy thoughts. Lorelai, guys, I'm Lorelai. Just a little quirky.

Good morning from us!


Heather Anne said...

You and Sue Sylvester have a lot in common.

Abigail said...

fuck you.

Heather Anne said...

Oh my God, my toddler sang a song about "fuck you" in the choir at my church and I posted it on YouTube! You should look it up! It is sooooooo cute.

Jennie said...

I think singing children are creepy, but that could be because of Hazards of Love because the kids that are singing are dead and junk but whatever.

I like Glee because I think the songs are fun, and I love Jane Lynch, (and the teacher guy is hot) but I definitely agree that the storylines are wacko-crazy.

Joe G. said...

Interesting that both of your pet peeves are singing-related. Why do you hate music?

Also, I heard a thing on NPR a while back where these guys tried to create an album of the most annoying songs ever. Most of the songs included kids singing. One of the songs was a holiday song about Arbor Day. It was amazing. If I could find it online I would post the link. Point is, I don't think you're alone in disliking the sound of children singing.

me said...

Maggie looks a little like my Monte :)

Morning :)

Ashley said...

I'm not going to fight with you about Glee because I like you too much.

eclectic said...

Glee teacher is hot, but unbearably stupid. Songs are okay, but always shortened and over-rehearsed. Plus, if I want to listen to music, I'd prefer to listen to it without the interruption of the "plot lines." So um... yeah. I'm with you, even though I really WANT to like the show.

Carter really did just join a kids' choir at the beginning of March. He loves it, and he's really good. I don't have any video of it though... sorry. :)

Sally said...

Abigail's mom here. She was subjected to participation in children's performing choirs from age 4 through 14. :)

kat said...

... which explains her hatred of music. mystery solved!

Never That Easy said...

I ... can not believe the shamrock shake promotion is over! The world hates me.

Also - I am on the fence about Glee, mostly. I have major reservations, but I also like songs. So I just listen to the songs online, mostly.

Abigail said...

The guy teacher is hot so I think we can all agree on that. Also, the part about the story lines being ass is something else we can agree on. Well done, team!

Shari, is Carter in a real boys choir or is this a trap?

NTE, Shamrock Shake disappointment is the worst kind of disappointment.

eclectic said...

Actually, it's a real kids co-ed choir, supposed to be grades 2 - 6; but they made an exception and let him in as a 1st grader after hearing him sing and then asking him to audition. It was his idea to sing for them in the first place, because I told him he couldn't until next year. But he LOVES it!