Friday, 26 March 2010

Phone it in Friday: love me, love me, say that you love me

Dear Internets, did you know that it snowed in Ohio today? SNOWED! Winter is supposed to be over! This is because Mother Nature is bipolar, I just know it.

Anyway! What melts your heart, you guys? What melts it like I wish the snow would melt?


me said...

What doesnt? Snow. Or that song that will now be in my head all day (thanks a lot!).

..what does..
love, babies who coo and smile, little tiny puppies and my puppy. friends and rainbows. all that kind of sparkly crap :)

and above all.. families that are praying together, that include an itsy bitsy little one who clasps their hands and squeeze their eyes shut.

actually..above ALL.. my best friends little girls.. bestill my heart and take my breath :)


Joe G. said...

"Whatever happened to those guys?"

Things that make my heart melt:
- puppies
- the beginning sequence of UP
- all of WALL-E
- Ben Folds in concert, preferably with a symphony orchestra
- hugs
- Jennie

Jennie said...


Up makes my heart melt, too. My goal is to one day be able to watch it without sobbing through the entire beginning sequence.

Sally said...

My Maddie dog.
Surprises by loved ones.
Martinis with my daughter.
Saying or hearing "I'm sorry."
Making up.
Reconnecting or reconciling with friends and family.
A certain voice.
My cats.
Horse mugs that I can touch.
My son telling me he's ready to be responsible (hasn't happened yet, but we're moving in that direction). :)

Sally said...
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Ashley said...

In no particular order: puppies, songs with full choirs in them, marching bands, stupid animal videos on the internet, people kissing on TV, bright colors, sparkly things, coooofffffeeee, when little kids take your hand or sit in your lap, my kitties, and honestly? Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

eclectic said...

Depending on the time of day, coffee or alcohol; homemade bread; people who go rock climbing with me; people who think and engage in excellent conversation; books!; my cat convincing my dog to give her his food; little epiphanies my kids have and you can see it in their faces -- that's always really amazingly melty. I don't know... everything pretty much. I must have a really melty heart I think.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Classical music played well in very old churches. If there's a choir involved, double the melting. Dogs and cats being all cute and junk. Making kids laugh and laugh and laugh. A well-poured pint of Guinness in very small pubs in foreign places. Aaaaaaand chocolate cakes made with Guinness.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping patients, marching bands, MY SISTER GETTING MARRIED, my sister in general, the thought of little versions of my sister running around with curly brown hair, fall weather, good television, good books, good food, and those damned romantic comedies.

peefer said...

I feel dead inside because I can't think of anything. kat, what is this cold black thing in my chest? Take it back!

That said, Ashley's comment reminds me that I do, in fact, quite like it when a child takes my hand affectionately. It's expeshally nice when a child who is being spooned arranges said hand to land on the perfect spot; e.g. chest, shoulder, etc.

Ashley said...

Oh, shit, I forgot one: TV/Movie scores played at full volume in your car (speeding, if you can).