Monday, 29 March 2010

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

Abs Morning, friends! (Or afternoon, I s'pose since most of you live in not-Calfornia.)

We're mixing things up a bit this week (but not permanently, don't worry) regarding posts and orders and such mostly because I still can't seem to remember what day I'm supposed to write and what I'm supposed to write about.

We're going to being telling you what to do. Some people refer to this as "advice." You ask us questions, we answer. We're still working out the details, but for now you guys starting asking away. Ways you can ask:

1) Leave a comment
2) Send us an email if you'd like to remain anonymous (
3) Hit up my very new @dearschilbo Twitter account for instant answers in 140 characters

We promise to point you in the right direction (or at least point and laugh.) (Just kidding. We'll be nice.)


kat said...

for the record, i DO NOT promise to be nice.

Jennie said...

I'm going to ask dearschilbo questions ALL THE TIME. I hate making my own decisions.

Joe G. said...

Some questions:

1) I really want a dog. The building I'm moving into has a size limit of 35 pounds for pets. What kind of dog should I get?

2) Sometimes I feel like I'm not the greatest person who ever lived, even though I know that I for reals am. What can I do to keep from ever forgetting that?

3) What should I do about this rash?

eclectic said...

Who wants to raise me kids?? No really, who?

Iron Fist said...

Dear Collective,

I miss you. Please resume publishing at your earliest convenience as your blog posts are about the only structure in my life these days.


Ashley said...