Wednesday, 24 March 2010

This tornado loves you.

Oh the many things one could do to set my heart aflutter are well documented indeed. Being a boy and wearing perfectly fitting pants (no pleats, neither too tight nor too baggy, inseams anything but too short). Keeping paperbacks in back pockets. Being the lead singer of The National. But this list is by no means exhaustive; I am not a fighter but a lover after all. Here are a few more:

Own a Kitty!

I do love dogs but after spending Sunday with two rambunctious pups my temperament I confirmed is far more suited to felines. And I think we can all agree that this

funny pictures of cats with captions

suits me well. And if it suits you just as well then we are well suited indeed.

Eat Breakfast Cereal!

Oh my God, you guys, cereal is my favorite food in all the wide world. Special K, Honey Bunches of Oats, Rice Krispies (especially with sliced bananas), Frosted Mini Wheats, Cap'n Crunch . . . if you talk cereal with me I will fall in love with you forever. And ever.

Join Me for a Martini or Three!

Grey Goose. Dry. Up. With olives. Bonus points if they're blue cheese-stuffed.


Let Me Cook for You

My mother used to cook for the entire town of Jensen Beach (and parts of Stuart and Port St. Lucie) and it's one of her habits I've happily inherited. But I don't get to do it nearly enough. So come over for dinner! I even bake my own bread!

Don't Make Fun of Me When My Bracket Is Busted on the Second Day of the Tournament.

Stupid fucking Georgetown. Hoya SUXA.


Heather Anne said...

Let you cook for me? OK!

Jennie said...

Collective Dinner Make Out party at Kat's!

me said...

Not a boy, not a martini fan, nor into breakfast cereal-but, that leaves more martinis and cereal for you! WIN

But- I will gladly allow you to cook for me (and who can tease anyones bracket? lots of upsets!)


Joe G. said...

I LOVE bananas in cereal. Particularly with Rice Krispies, but also with Kix, Cheerios, or pretty much anything else.

Let me know when dinner's ready.

peefer said...

By breakfast "cereal", you mean breakfast "candy", right? Cereal, by definition, needs to include whole grains, bark, chaff, and twigs in various proportions, you silly.

Jamie said...

So with you on the boys, pants, and paperbacks. And Matt Berninger. And cooking and booze!

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

I do love a martini (vodka only, thank you very much). I have a martini recipe for you that involves espresso, if you're into such things.

Bananas are cereal's saving grace, as the only way that I can con myself into eating the sugar-infused puffs of whatnot that now make up most breakfast cereals is if it's dotted with hunks of fruit.

Never That Easy said...

Rice Krispies with bananas are probably the best breakfast ever. Unless it's Frosted Flakes with blueberries. I have to go see if we have any cereal for lunch.

eclectic said...

One of Grayson's first multi-word phrases was, "Sosty Weeny-Weets, queeeeze!" This was uttered first thing in the a.m. on the way to his high-chair, and at approx. 3-second intervals from that point until the Frosted Mini-Wheats were in his bowl on his tray. We still call them that, BTW.

Also, my first-ever martini was order per your excellent instructions. I think of you any time a martini is mentioned.

Also also, Sapphira says "Hi!"; and also, also, also, please make dinner for me.

kat said...

i love you people. bowls of cereal and martinis all around!

doahleigh said...

We need to be best friends. I love eating cereal and I love talking about cereal. More importantly, I love other people who love eating and talking about cereal.