Monday, 22 March 2010

Abs When someone does something that makes you want to pinch his cheeks or become her best friend, that's the opposite of a pet peeve and that's our topic this week.

1. Old people referring to the internet.
Tweeter, Facespace, the net, the web, on the line. It's so cute!

2. Flattering me in any way.
Seriously, keep it coming. Can't get enough.

3. Stories about animals.
I might not want to hear what you dreamed last night, or a recap of the TV show I don't watch, but I want to hear all about your pets. Wittle stories about your kitties and that funny thing your doggy did! Tell me! Tell me!

4. Weather in Southern California.
I will not apologize for 70-degree year-round weather. It's the best thing.

5. Play FarmVille.
When I'm in a crowded grocery store and I inevitably here people talking about the greatest game ever played, I have to stop myself from inserting myself into the conversation. If you're talking strategy, I maybe can't help it and bam, new friend!

6. Taylor Swift.


Jennie said...

Good list! One time I was showing my dad how to use Facebook and he said, "someone wrote on my wallpaper!" and it was the best thing ever.

Heather Anne said...

This list is so good! T-Swizzle!

peefer said...

You need to recharge your battery. I'm saying this in a flattering way.

Abigail said...

Jennie! So cute! hahah!

Heather! There are new videos we need to watch. I got a little lost in her official youtube channel this morning and was late to work.

Peefer! The motto of my life is wait until the very last minute. According to my car, I have 2 miles til empty which really means at least five.

eclectic said...

Brizzy went hiking with us yesterday. He sniffed approximately 16 dog butts, tried to roll in exactly one horse turd (before I threatened to shave him bald), and barked playfully at the rain drops that started sprinkling just as we were leaving. Then, he wagged and panted happily all the way home. This is not a story I would ordinarily expect anyone but me to find interesting, but you DID ask. :)

Abigail said...

shari! i loved that story! i laughed at the part about the horse turd. maddie had a similar situation the other day.

Sally said...

Yeh, but(t) Maddie rolled in human shit. Biggggggg difference. She's never interested in horse turds, coyote turds, dog turds, raccoon turds, bunny pellets, JUST HUMAN SHIT!

I'm still not over it.

Abigail's mom

Heather Anne said...

Sweet Sal!

Ashley said...

Okay, here's a pet story. Yesterday Bosco added another item to the list of my shit that he has eaten: my favorite pair of underwear. I was SO MAD. They don't make that kind anymore!