Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Things I Learned From Movies

AbsToday is Tuesday which is usually my day, me being Abigail. Monday is usually Heather's day, but as you'll notice, she didn't post yesterday. That is because Mondays have turned into a bad place for her life (feel sad for her) and she can't write the happy things she puts here. So. We are changing days. I will be on Monday and Heather will be on Tuesday and Kat on Wednesday and Jennie on Thursday. Probably for most of you that doesn't matter, but for the two other people like me who wake up and think "Kat" before thinking "Wednesday" this will take some getting used to. That new plan will start next week. This week we pushed the week back to start on Tuesday and also Heather and I switched which makes things very confusing. I'm going to stop talking now.

These Things I'm Feeling Right Now Were Probably Felt By Someone Else Before Me and Thankfully There Is A Shins Song To Listen To
I hear this makes me a cliche, but ahem, I was 20 when the movie came out--when I saw in three times in the theater--and things are pretty hard for 20 year olds. Especially ones like me. I was spending a lot of time feeling sorry for myself for being unlucky in love and having an asshole dad and generally feeling morose in the back of my decidedly unmorose personality. I'd link to some blog posts from the phase in my life, but they're a bit... disaffected. Garden State came along and let me feel my Feelings like nothing else had before. Lots of other movies are good at making me feel their feelings, but this one makes me feel my own. Even now, when I'm less awed by a swimming pool at night and an infinite abyss, I feel.

I still go to the website on occasion to listen to the streaming blips of the soundtrack and look at the foggy rainy photos. It's good, you guys, but maybe you had to be 20 then to feel that way.

Dancing Drama Is The Best Kind Of Drama
I think the video says it all.

Email Is Super Romantic
Since I'm sort of a writer, I like to think the emails I send about town are of a charming variety, the kind that woo smart, funny boys to my doorstop inbox. Tom Hanks taught me this. And so not a day goes by where I don't paint fanciful scenarios of the perfect tweet that brings my love to my window, or the digital romance that begins with a Foursquare ousting. I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly.


Jennie said...

but for the two other people like me who wake up and think "Kat" before thinking "Wednesday" this will take some getting used to

I'm one of those people.

Also. I think Garden State came out at the perfect time for me, too, because college was over and I didn't know what I was doing with my life and it was all very confusing.

Also also, email IS super romantic. I'm pretty sure that's how Joe and I fell in love, only we didn't know at the time cause we hadn't met yet.

Heather Anne said...

I always think about you when I think about meet-cutes.

Emily said...

And this pretty much wraps up a big chunk of my college experience. I will always associate Garden State (specifically the soundtrack) with you, listening on repeat, in The Chimes office.

eclectic said...

So long as this week is an exception to the regular days, I'll probably survive. I can even swap "Heather-Monday & Abigail-Tuesday" for "Abigail-Monday & Heather-Tuesday." But: if it's "Abigail-Tuesday, Heather-Wednesday, Kat-Thursday (WRONG!), and Jennie-Friday" from now on out, I'm completely screwed, and I'll need a flow chart or a spread sheet or something. Does this make sense?

Abigail said...

Jennie! I love that you and Joe fell in love on email! Heart!

Heather! Meet-cutes are the only thing romantic about me.

Emily! Awwww, good times in the Chimes office. For the record I listened to other CDs too, it was just alllll the same artists. Imogean. Shins. Postal Service. Rinse, repeat.

eclectic, don't worry. it's just me and heather switching and next week we will start on monday like normal so kat and jennie will be the same!

Ashley said...

What Garden State taught me is that if you sit through boobies and cocaine and mind-numbing depression then eventually you get to the kissing and puppies and dancing in the rain. I think it's a good lesson to learn, even if it is pretty weird.

mysterygirl! said...

E-mail is totally romantic.